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Jane Fonda Body Sculpting

The Original Body Sculptor – Jane Fonda

Are you looking for a reason to exercise? Here’s what you should know – the body sculpting exercises that you will find here, don’t just make you firmer and physically stronger – they are just as important for your mental health; they make you sharper, happier and improve your focus.

The best toning exercises for women help to burn fat and reshape the body, they give you the body tone that you’re looking for, firm breasts and are great for your legs. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you will certainly want to know how to tone your body.

The upper body workout for women here has been very well thought out by experts. You will find these body toning exercises to be highly effective – no more spending hours in the gym with nothing to show for it.

Find out how to sculpt your body the right way, one that is guaranteed to give you the payoff that you’re looking for. So ladies – let’s get started!


 Best Body Sculpting Exercises


  • Squats
    Squats are perfect body toning exercises that work out every muscle group in the lower body, core and the back. Squats are not only great for your legs, and tone and firm the body; they burn calories at a rapid clip as well.
  • Push-ups
    Push-ups are a perfect upper body workout for women that are guaranteed to give you firm breasts and a bigger cleavage. Push-ups are the perfect total body exercises that are guaranteed to give you an amazing payoff.
  • Bent-over rows
    This exercise targets the upper back muscles and builds strength and power –  which every woman needs.
  • Lunges
    Lunges are a perfect workout for glute muscles, which is basically the butt. They put a lot of pressure on the core as well.
  • Plank
    Planks really help to improve the body tone by giving you a much stronger core. The key is to remain in position for as long as possible, as that would help to firm the entire abdominal region as well as to strengthen the spinal column.
  • Deadlifts
    Deadlifts are perfect for the butt – they firm up the backside and give you the rounded shape that you’re looking for.
  • Shoulder Press
    Shoulder presses give you firmer and better defined shoulder muscles and are perfect upper body toning exercises for women.
  • Step-ups
    Step-ups are great for your legs and give all the muscle groups in the lower body a perfect workout, building up power and strength.
  • Pull-ups
    Pull-ups build tremendous upper body strength and are perfect body toning exercises that target the upper back, lats and biceps.  If you find pull-ups hard to perform, you should try assisted pull-ups as they are effective as well.
  • Jump Squats
    Jump squats give you tremendous lower body strength and really great at burning calories.
  • Burpees
    Burpees are total body cardiovascular workouts that build your heart rate to an optimal level which helps to burn calories at a real speed. They work brilliantly as body toning exercises for women.


The Bottom Line – How to Tone Your Body?


Hope you liked the body sculpting exercises listed here. You can perform them at home or at a gym. With these total body exercises, you should start to see results, as long as you are prepared to work really hard at them. Soon, you will get in shape for the skimpy-outfit season that’s just around the corner. The important thing is to be regular with your workouts and to stick to the plan no matter what.


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